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How to Make a Good First Impression

No matter how many times you may have done it, writing your own resume doesn’t get any easier.

According to research, most recruiters have made up their mind in the first six seconds of scanning your resume, and within that short time frame, they’ve already noted everything from your name to your education, to your current title and company, and previous experience.

How can you make those six seconds count?


Polish up specific areas

Highlight your strengths

Understand company culture

Resume Tips

Ditch old fashioned and outdated language like "objective statement" and "references available upon request"

Get your branding, skills summary and contact info in the top third of page 1

Talk about specific results from previous jobs. Do not simply list duties 

Include quotes from previous employers that specifically vouch for your high qualities


According to Patrick McAndless, respected specialist in resume and professional networking, you need to be "a purple cow." You need to stand out and show "who you are, what you do, and how you do it to create value" within the 6 seconds most employers spend on resumes.

Patrick McAndless is a guest lecturer at over 500 universities, colleges, secondary and elementary schools across Canada, US, South America, Africa, Australia and Europe. He provides all graduates, of all levels, with tools to effectively transition from “learning” to “earning." You do this with a Branded Resume.

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